Thursday, November 19, 2009

Photo Number Twenty - Nine

This is "Butchie" I wonder what his real name was.  I had an Uncle Butch his real name was Father is the only one that called him Clarence.  Years ago Butch was a common nickname sometimes separating a Sr. from a Jr. with the Jr. nicknamed Butch or Butchie.  Butch was also a type of  haircut in the 1950's  but when this little boy was nicknamed Butchie it probably meant that he was a tough or rugged little boy. I will guess that this photo was taken in 1940-1941.

I could find no information on the Harbican Photo Studio in Chicago.   This photo is a little different, it has almost a basketweave looking texture..the dots that make up the photo are very squarish.

I have no idea why someone would take their child in for a photo sitting and not polish his white shoes white.  I fixed them in photoshop..they were disgraceful. I can remember polishing my siblings shoes in the car, on a towel while my Mother was driving to town.  The toes being so worn from the child continually crawling around on the floor before they could walk, that you had to polish the toes several times:)

Update from Lynnea:
Harbican 813 W. Lake St. Chicago, IL.


  1. I haven't heard that name Butch in years. You are right. It used to be so common. Wonder where Butchie is now?

  2. Just a thought on the shoes: the photographer may have just opened his studio and was offering a "free" portrait, so Butchie's mother took him up on the offer, scuffed shoes and all.

  3. Poor little Butchie I feel bad for him.I have been a bit melancholy over my old photo's.

  4. Greetings from Southern California. I came across your blog somehow or other...just want to say what a cool idea to have a blog for forgotten old photos. We have a whole trunk full of photos like this in my family. They are fascinating to look through. Some ID the people but many do not. Kind of frustrating now that everyone is gone who could tell us about the people in them.

  5. Forget about the shoes being not white...I think they look like torture on their stiff and uncomfortable!!

  6. I am scanning old family photos and have of photo of me with the photographers frame and information: Harbican 813 W. Lake St. Chicago, IL.


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