Friday, November 13, 2009

Photo Number Twenty-Three

I call this one "Love Opal" ..she was beautiful!  I don't quite understand the flowers on the neckline of the dress or blouse..??  Anyone have any ideas?  The Hibbing Photo Studio wasn't in business very long..1938. That's it.  So that pretty much nails down the year on this one.
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  1. Good Morning Connie, She is very beautiful. In my recent post from @ 1939, both ladies had flower embellishments on their dresses!

  2. I'm sure the flowers were fashionable at the time. Opal is a beautiful young woman in her graduation portrait.

  3. She is stunning.

    Sad that something so once cherished should end up in a thrift store......


  4. She is beautiful. Makes you wonder how these photos just get tossed aside.

  5. What a beautiful young woman. In response to Rae, I have three instances of how they get tossed aside, but I am sure there are many more. 1. Not everyone has 'attachment' to photos (or family, for that matter)perhaps lack of sentiments; my mother-in-law once offered me two huge old boxes of family photos & when I forgot to take them, she gave them to a neighbor lady that was going to use them for crafts. Ughh! 2. A distant relative who had been living up in northern MN somewhere said when they left their family home, she was sure old photos were left behind in her parents' attic(not sure why--perhaps the sentimental ones weren't there when the move time came), but she's been sad about that for a long time; 3. In my family, I know my grandpa had a whole box of photos, but no one will admit they have them, even though the current owner is probably not even interested in the contents, just the ability to be in charge of them. Sad all around!

    Sorry, I blogged instead of commented! ;-) ~Abra

  6. A fourth reason why photos wind up in a thrift store... They get thrown in a box or put in an album, but there aren't any names on them. After one generation passes, it's nearly impossible to figure out who they are. A friend once saw her neighbor's grown children putting photo albums in the trash for that exact reason. Lots of happy times and good friends lost to memory.

    A fifth idea is that these days, old ones have monetary value.

  7. She is a gorgeous woman. Could be a model even by today's standards. Her hair is so lush and thick too.


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