Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Photo Number Thirteen

I wonder if this young lady talked with the photographer.     He was a pretty interesting gentleman.  William Fields immigrated with his family from England.  He trained as a baker, and then was a bookseller until his artistic nature couldn't be denied anymore and he became a photographer.  He was a photographer in a few different places before 1862..it was then he opened a studio in Lyons, Iowa ( Present day Clinton, Iowa) he had a studio there until 1895.

This is a cabinet card.
Her head measures 1 3/4 inches = 1866 to 1875
Rounded corners = after 1874
Photographer 1862 to 1895

So with this one it could be anywhere from 1874 to 1895.    I wonder if she was as serious as she looks in this photo?
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  1. Interesting info about how to date the photo. She kinda has that expression of "what now??" Hope you have a great day.

  2. I love the look on her face. Interesting, and full of character.

    I also love that line you wrote, until his artistic nature could'nt be denied.

    We all feel better when we follow our bliss.


  3. Well, with all the research you've done, if all is accurate, you've pretty well narrowed this down to 1874-1875. This has been fun, seeing all the different periods of photos. ~Abra


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