Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Photo Number Fourteen

A Mother of the Bride and a Bride..could be a June bride..the trees are leafed it must have been summertime.  I am not so great with identifying years of cars..this is probably the late 1940's or maybe the  early 1950's.  Perhaps someone out there can help pick out a year?  Mildred, maybe Nalley knows?

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**** Pamela, Mildred, Abra and Rae are all pretty much in agreement on this one.. 1951. 


  1. I remember my dad having a car similar to one of those. It was a big and heavy 1949 Plymouth. I have B&W photos just like this one - same dimensions with that border. They were taken of my parents wedding in 1951 so you are very close with the dating of this one. She was a lovely bride and it was a beautiful day for a wedding.

  2. Hi Connie, Nalley remembers a 1949 Ford and thinks these cars may be 47 or 48. He is pretty sure they are not 1950 models. This is a very sweet picture.

  3. I wonder how long people held on to cars back then? I was thinking about mid-fifties, but I haven't done any research. ~Abra

  4. my husband and I are thinking 50 or 51...


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