Saturday, November 7, 2009

Photo Number Seventeen

I was very excited to find this in the old box of photos.. 1892.. Queen Anne Style Home with a four story  tower and a large front porch and look at all the fish scale shingles!  A stunningly beautiful home..I wonder where it was located?? Two stories and an attic..just think of what treasures could have been  stored in that attic!
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  1. When I enlarged, I could see the detail and the people on the porch. Can you imagine a house that large and what a view from that tower! I would love to know what colors it was painted. Thanks for sharing this beauty.

  2. WOW! What a wonderful place. I love homes like this. Too bad they don't build them anymore.

  3. What an incredible home! I wonder if it still stands today? Zooming in, it looks as if the mother and father are relaxing in their chairs, while the boys each have a book(?) perhaps, perched on the porch rail. I wonder if the lady in the rear of the porch is a servant--perhaps nanny?

  4. Depending on where it was built, it also likely had a cellar or even a basement. What a gorgeous house! I'd agree the woman at the rear of the porch is possibly a tutor or nanny. Live in domestics were very common for people with a little money, and this family clearly had at least a little money!


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