Friday, November 20, 2009

Photo Number Thirty

This might be Bob and least that is what is on the back of the ink..not a great choice..and Grace in pencil.  Perhaps Grace was the recipient of Bob and Joyces Photo..or maybe the little girls name is Grace and the photo went to Bob and Joyce.  This photo came from a local antique shop.

At any rate they are cute kids, they look like brother and sister.  I love his knickers and the socks..didn't they call that pattern argyle?  The little girl is wearing a ring and a necklace..she must have felt very dressed up and special! I am not sure on a date for this about 1930?
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*** I did some research and found that knickers were worn by little boys until the mid 1940's..Sears carried them in their catalogue until 1942.  The Argyle socks are a big clue here..they did not appear until after 1929. Up until that time little boys socks were a solid color. 


  1. One of the sweetest pictures so far. The way she is posed, it's like we were meant to see that ring! I love the embroidery detail on her jacket and I love that crazy bow tie of his. My dad & Mildred had a similar photo made @ 1928 so your guess of 1930 is probably a good one.

  2. I at first thought he had a neat suit and then I realized there were socks and shoes down there. I dig the pattern on the coat, and you always have to have a palm fern in the background. She looks like she couldn't wait to get the picture over with and done.

  3. Very cute kids. Did boys still wear knickers in the 30's? I am not sure. I love her little Mary Jane shoes with the bows.

  4. They are adorable. Fresh scrubbed and ready for their big photograph. I have a collection of old children's photos too...I love the baby ones the best.

  5. This is Robert and Joyce Freiberg. Their parents were Lucy Voge and Will Freiberg. Lucy preferred the name Lucille over Lucy. "grace" is Lucy's sister Grace Voge. The family had an annoying habit of writing the name of the recipient on the back of photos.


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