Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Photo Number Twenty-One

Jack was in the Army during WWI.  This photo was most likely taken in 1917 or 1918..probably in 1918 since it says on the photo. " Taken after one year of service overseas." And then something in the same handwriting below Sincerely, Jack..that is really hard to make out ( Geo Sister mor)??   The photo was taken at Temple Studio in Waukegan, Ill.  Off to the left is this information: US 28 General Hospital Ward 49 Fort Sheridan, Ill.  I take this to mean that Jack was wounded and was in the hospital.  I wonder if he lived or died?

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*** Pamela believes that this says Jack & Sister Margaret..seems to me that could be it!  


  1. Such a handsome man - I wonder too. Their uniforms always seem so "small" - like the sleeves/shoulders would restrict movement, don't they?

  2. I wonder if that isn't his initial and a last name that follows the Jack part. It is very difficult to make out the handwriting.
    Interesting questions. Makes you wonder what really did happen to him.

  3. Perhaps the signature under "Jack" was written by his nurse, Sister Mary or something similar.

  4. It looks like three different hands wrote on this. "Taken after..." and "Geo sister mor" have the same S formation and look similar. The signature of course is Jack's. The address of the hospital looks to be a different hand, based on the G and the S looking so different from the other samples. Very interesting!

  5. Jack & Sister Margaret.

    That is a fancy ampersand.


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