Saturday, November 28, 2009

Photo Number Thirty-Eight

I call this one "Young man with a hat."  Possibly this is a young man graduating..maybe from the 8th grade?  He looks a little young to be graduating from High School.  The Moilan Photography Studio in Duluth was only in business from 1910 to 1911.  The Minnesota Historical Society has a great page that lists photographers and their locations and the dates they were in business in Minnesota.  Not all photographers are listed..but most are.  I have found their site very helpful.

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  1. I love this one Connie. He's a handsome young man and I love that hat!

  2. That is a great photo. All dressed up in a suit and carrying his book. Not many young guys dress so neatly today.

  3. The hat does make it seem like he is going into the next stage of his life. He may be graduating from eighth grade and not going on to high school. But if they have the money to take the picture he would go on. It is hard to figure out how old he is but his shape of his face reminds me of my half Norwegian sons with the light complection.

  4. He definitely looks young and judging by the clothes, wealthy enough to go on. Perhaps he was going on to some sort of prep school. Such a handsome lad. ~Abra

  5. So many of these pictures are like the ones we found in grandmas stuff.


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