Saturday, September 11, 2010

Photo Number 308

Grad card Lake park Antiques

This must be a graduation photograph, from OHS, 07.  Some High School that starts with a O  in 1907.  The photography studio is penciled in ..Tamrath ??..that gave me no clues of a location.  This photograph is in a very long presentation card, I have cropped part of it out. 

Grad card Lake park Antiques

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  1. Another mystery and another reminder to label photos. I'm still not very good about that.

  2. She has a wonderful complexion.

    OHS also stands for Oklahoma Historical Society (and probably a million high schools!) They have an interesting site for '07.

  3. I think the name is Tannrath which is german. I've only been able to track down a Rev. Tannrath in Missouri (who shouldn't be related) but lived 1860-1920. This woman would have been born around 1890 if she graduated HS in 1907. If she is a Tannrath of Missouri, the HS could be Osage High School.

    Tenuous as best...


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