Saturday, June 25, 2011

Photo Number 575

This is a snapshot from the Antique Shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.
 1940s wedding photo during the war DL Antiques
During the early 1940’s when we were thrust into WWII many a GI and his gal tied the knot before he went overseas.  These impromptu weddings took only a few days to plan.  It would not have been proper to have a huge fancy wedding when there was so much suffering going on in the world.  The war ended in 1944 (edited to 1945), so I would say that this wedding took place between 1940 and 1945. The bride and groom are dressed sensibly and have good clothes on and I am sure it was a special day.

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  1. First of all, I really like your blog!
    Only a few weeks ago I found photo of my ancestors which was taken around 1917 or something..and I'm really fascinated.

    That's why I actually don't want to noodge but WWII ended in 1945 :P

  2. THIS is how weddings should be - practical. The Cinderella princess-like affairs that put the couple (or worse their parents) in debt are completely ridiculous. When invited to something like that I usually send regrets. It it truly a gross example of I just don't know what.

  3. Maybelline, I'd say it's a gross example of consumerist consumption and a display of wealth, but that's my opinion. :-) My wedding was paid in full on the day of, so didn't leave us in debt but we are different sorts of people than others, heh.


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