Sunday, June 5, 2011

Photo Number 555

This is a cabinet card that I purchased in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.

Wedding 1888to 1893  Flaten in Fargo DL Antiques This couple has matching corsages:) We have another dark dress with beautiful trim and a wedding bonnet adorned with trailing leaves and flowers. The groom seems short, or perhaps the bride was tall.  This is a photo from the Flaten brother Gilbert E that worked with his brother Ole over in Moorhead in the early 1880’s.  He moved over to Fargo in 1888.

Wedding 1888 to1893 Flaten in Fargo Back DL ant

This is the back of the cabinet card.  Gilbert E Flaten was at 506 Front Street from late 1888 or 1889 and then at 722 Front Street from 1890 to 1893. ( In 1893 to 1895 he was at 67 Broadway).  So I can date this photo 1888 to 1893.  I would think that the brides dress looks more 1893 with the large puffy sleeves.  She is showing off her ring in the photo.

Wedding 1888to 1893  Flaten in Fargo DL Antiques

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  1. Such a tiny waist she has and all that intricate work on her dress/veil. Hope you have a restful Sunday Connie.

  2. but her ring is on her right hand.

  3. Connie I too think this is 1893. The trim on her dress is lovely. When I was researching Victorian wedding traditions I found something about flowers tied to a ribbon and draping down the veil and/or from the bouquet. This lady and the last one seem to have examples of that. Beautiful photos.


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