Sunday, June 12, 2011

Photo Number 562

This is a cabinet card from the third Antique Shop in Dorset, Minnesota. 

1898to 1899 wedding photo Dorset 3 T.J. Burfield was a photographer in Waconia, Minnesota in 1898 and 1899 according to the database at the Minnesota Historical Society.  I am a frequent visitor to their website to find info on photographers.

Would you look at that bouquet of is huge.  I can see some type of Mums and Hydrangea..which suggest to me that this couple was married in early September, because that is when Mums and Hydrangeas would be blooming nicely in Minnesota. They are wearing matching corsages, Gardenias maybe?

The brides dress is not white. I always like to imagine these dresses in color. (I think this one is pale green.) The beautiful lace trim is white. Her bonnet seems to have some flowers in it, she must not have liked the dangly greens and flowers in her wedding bonnet that was so popular during this time period.

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  1. Fantastic photo as ever and so much information provided by you too. I'm so sorry I haven't been around much but I'll try to do better now. x

  2. Isn't her dress pretty? I love the lace. These bridal photos are very fun to look at!

  3. Wonder if there was any love/passion or were these marriages arranged?

  4. When did people begin to smile on pictures?

    Another great find as usual.

  5. @Anita, it wasn't until the early 20th century when cameras and film speeds were faster. I started seeing smiles in the 1910s and 1920s. However, people still considered it a special occasion so even when camera/film was capable of capturing a smile, often people were serious.

  6. I think this is my favorite wedding photo so far!

  7. I have a wedding party photo and a family photo that has the same background, chair and rug. Can I assume that these photos were taken by T J Burfield Photographer? I am trying to place the year or years that they were taken.

    1. No, if it is not marked then it may not be a Burfield photo...I have seen this chair many times and the backdrops were very common. You can probably date it within a few years just from the way they are dressed. If you would like if you email me a copy I can look at it for you and give you my best guess. My email can be found by clicking on the little yellow flower:)


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