Saturday, June 11, 2011

Photo Number 561

This is a Cabinet Card from the Hirsch Brothers in Evansville, Minnesota. They were in that city in 1895.Hirsch Bros photo 1895 maybe DL Antiques The bride and groom have matching corsages.  The bride is wearing a black gown with very large sleeves. They look to be on some type of wild animal rug..perhaps a wolf or deer hide.

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  1. I noticed the rug right away - it rather distracts from the couple!

  2. I find it strange that in so many photos the man sits and the lady stands - having said that I have seen it many times. Lovely new blog header.

  3. I suppose when the bride wants to show off her dress they wouldn't seat her, right? This man is quite handsome but I find the bride to be a little ordinary in the face. The rug is odd. I don't have first hand experience with deer hide but are they that furry?

  4. As a black woman, I can't help but notice when a person in your "Forgotten Old Photos" appears to have some African heritage. This woman has that look to me.

    I'm sure you know that lots of mixed race people "passed" for white.

    Then again, there were cases of people of different races openly marrying.


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