Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Photo Number 557

This is a cabinet card that I purchased at the Antique shop in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.Wedding Meddaugh SD DL Antiques I am not entirely sure how to date this photo, I think that it is from 1895 to 1900.  The photographer is Meddaugh either Robert or Isaac (father and son)they were in Lead, SD from 1862 to 1926.

The bride has a beautiful wedding bonnet and her dress has lots of fru fru trims on the front.  The sleeves of her dress are quite large, reminiscent of the fashions around 1895.  The groom is unremarkable ..except for his large white bow tie. 

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  1. There is another dark colored dress again, like you have previously shown. His clothes are a little rumpled. It is an interesting photo and you are right hard to date.

  2. These are great photos, I really like seeing these dark wedding dresses.

  3. I wonder if the groom would object to being called "unremarkable". :) He is kind of nondescript though.

    The most remarkable thing in the photo is the table/stool they are leaning on!

    Who was it they said, "They really do contain their excitement and enthusiasm for getting married" in these pictures - was dead-on!

  4. I don't know if she is trying not to move or if she is truly terrified. He looks more relaxed.

  5. She looks like she bites her nails.
    His hands look really big. I thought he had gloves on. These posed pictures make me wonder if there was any "passion" between the couples.

  6. People look really short (based on the 3 latest photos)! A lot has changed nowadays =)

  7. I also noticed the twiggy table in the center of the shot. Did you see how wrinkled her veil is? It's another confirmation that people were less concerned about wrinkles than we are, due to the tedious or difficult methods of ironing available to them.

  8. I love how she is jsut touching his had with her pinky stretched out :)


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