Monday, June 20, 2011

Photo Number 570

This is the rest of the wedding party from yesterdays photo.  The same photographer but this photo was in a different folder.

Wedding Photo PR Antiques One 1918 I think

Now we can see the brides entire dress, which seems to have a row of ruffles in the front, are they attached to the dress or part of a filmy thin layer of see through fabric..I just cannot figure it out.  At any rate..we have  wedding party that looks happy.

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  1. Such beautiful clothing. Mildred

  2. Beautiful dresses and sensible shoes - definitely from a different era.

  3. I think the ruffle looks attached. Kind of an odd placement isn't it? The bride's maid's waist is tiny.

  4. The bridesmaid is a tiny woman.

    :) I wonder who they all were?


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