Thursday, June 2, 2011

Photo Number 552

I wasn’t quite sure how to present these wedding photos.  Since I am a person that likes order and sequence, I decided to present them in chronological order.  I probably won’t get them all correct…but close.

This is a CdV that I purchased in the Antique Shop in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. 

Wedding couple DL Antiques CdV simple dress I believe this photo is from the 1880’s.  I didn’t think it was a wedding photo at first, then I noticed the flowers in her hair. I imagine her dress as a butterscotch color with white trim, what do you see?  I love all her bows and buttons.

There are no clues who this couple is, or where they posed for the photo.

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  1. She seems to have the biggest hands. I wonder if this is just a photographical illusion.

  2. Her hands do look big. Those are probably working hands. I think she is a small woman with a lot of hard work in her future. The husband does have a 3 piece suit so he may have been a professional of some sort. That doesn't look like the everyday "church going" suit.

    Maybe we'll find out.

  3. A lovely dress, and yes the flowers in the hair say wedding to me too. I read somewhere that the flowers most often used in wedding veils and headpieces were orange blossoms, and that Queen Victoria had popularized them. She influenced the wedding tradition so much! Anyway, since orange blossoms were not widely available, it spawned the fake orange blossom flower industry, so to speak, and wax and paste versions became available all over the world.

  4. Whoa, she looks a little stunned as if someone just now explained the complexities of marriage.

  5. Interesting picture for sure. I can't quite describe both of their expressions though. They look like they were very small people, or just an optical illusion perhaps? Love the rug is all wrinkled too!


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