Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Photo Number 558

This is a cabinet card from the Antique Shop in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.

Flaten Photo DL Antiques 4 We still have the wedding bonnet with it’s tendril of greenery and or flowers.  Today we have a different color dress. Was it green or blue gray? It has some ruching on the bodice and beautiful lace, and she is showing off her ring..too bad she didn’t grab his arm!  She looks very young.

Flaten Photo DL Antiques 4 back

The photographer was O E Flaten, he came to Moorhead Minnesota in 1880 and opened up a photography studio with his brother Gilbert E Flaten.  His brother went over to Fargo in 1888 or 1889.  Both of the Flaten boys were prolific photographers.

I think that this photo was taken in the mid 1890’s (1894, 1895, 1896).

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  1. I've never unstood men's jackets and the which button(s) do you button and don't button. If you aren't supposed to button them all - why do they put the other ones on there?

    :) She has a beautiful dress on - I'm not so sure the guy's tie works so well.

  2. I enlarged the photo to get a good look. Her dress is beautiful! But they both (especially her) look so very young.

  3. The detail on the skirt almost looks beaded.

    I wonder how many of these early marriages were arranged.

  4. I noticed that too Laura and Nancy. That is very intricate work on that skirt. They don't look very confortable with each other do they? I want to exhale for her.

  5. The dress is beautiful. All that beadwork was certainly hand sewn. Wow!

  6. I love her dress, too. How in the world did they stand those tight sleeves?

  7. He reminds me of actor Jeff Daniels when he was young. Time traveling celebrity!


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