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Photo Number 489

two gals DL
This is a photo from the Antique Mall in Detroit lakes, Minnesota.  This photo is in a folder, the paper is like a basketweave. McFarland of Valley City, North Dakota is the photographer.
They are two beautiful young women.  Perhaps they have just been Confirmed..although they look a little old..their dresses are similar..but different..I bet they were the same color..I see them as off white…of course I would have them match those shoes that I really like.
two gals back
scan0015 copy
Audie and
Velna Mclure ( McCaul??)
The pencil marks get lost in the weave of the paper. No matter what I do with it..this is the best I can get it.  I have looked at it in all different kinds of light..from all directions..I give up.

Now for a year..I am feeling 1915 to 1920..input is always appreciated!

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I found a census record for 1910
North Dakota, Cass County, Ayr Township
McCaul James 48 Farmer born in Michigan 
McCaul Mary 44 born in North Dakota 
Audie age 12
Velna age 10
Bennie age 8
Varne age 6 


  1. Is it just my eyes deceiving me, or is the young woman on the left ... missing her arm(s)?

    Playing with scanned images to bring out pencil can be really frustrating. That basket weave must really make it tough.

  2. How right you are to draw out attention to the weave of the card. So often it is the vintage backgrounds that can be almost as attractive as the images they display,

  3. I know this was a special treat for these two beautiful young women to have their photo made. Love the dresses/shoes.

  4. Those dresses are lovely - that overskirt on the right-hand one is interesting.

  5. NO ARMS?! That is incredible. I certainly hope someone can come up with a news story or something to tell me more.

  6. I couldn't resist. I had time to do a little snooping. Do you suppose one of the names could be Hilda McClure? If so, the 1920 census shows a 28 yr old Hilda married to Frank (24)living in Georgetown, Clay, Minnesota. She was born in North Dakota.

    Maybe that's something to help figure things out OR completely screw up the search.

  7. lovely ladies and lovely dresses...although, it appears the one on the left...doesn't have arms?! ??? No matter how hard I look it appears as if her sleeves are empty!!!

  8. I think it is an illusion. Her arms are probably behind her and being in shadow they don't show up. You also don't really see her legs, just the shoes.

  9. Hello Everyone, Al has been working on the names all day ..enhancing..etc..he thinks it says Audie and Velna is difficult to see:(

  10. I also agree..her missing arms are an illusion..people with handicaps were hardly ever photographed:)

  11. Ah, that census record and name works for me!

    They are beautiful young women - I think your photo date is good too - maybe towards the 1920 end.

  12. United States Census, 1920 for James L Mc Caul
    Residence: Ayr, Cass, North Dakota
    Estimated Birth Year: 1861
    Age: 59
    Birthplace: Michigan <------ Note
    Relationship to Head of Household: Self
    Gender: Male
    Race: White
    Marital Status: Married
    Household Gender Age
    James L Mc Caul M 59y
    Mary Mc Caul F 54y
    Child Audie M Mc Caul F 21y (1899)
    Child Velna E Mc Caul F 19y (1901)
    Child Benjamin V Mc Caul M 18y (1902)
    Child Vernie J Mc Caul F 16y (1904)

    This webpage is fascinating.

    Vernie was male? Is this Vernie J, Audie's and Velna's brother (and not sister?) The story and census data for 1930 support his being male.

    United States Census, 1930 for Verne J Mccaul
    Event Place: Warrington, Escambia, Florida
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Marital Status: Single
    Race: White
    Birthplace: North Dakota
    Estimated Birth Year: 1904
    Relationship to Head of Household: Son
    Father's Birthplace: Michigan <--------
    Mother's Birthplace: Wisconsin

  13. Hi Iggy, The census I found in 1910 showed Varne as a doubt the name was spelled wrong in the record I found and his gender was in error in your record. The census takers were not perfect..and many of them couldn't spell.
    Great article about Vernie...thanks:)


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