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Photo Number 491

This is another photo that is from the Antique Mall in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.
To Elmer  DL Antiques Five cute little kids..most of which break all the hair rules.  The rule is usually..girls part their hair down the middle and boys part their hair on the side.  Perhaps this Mom never heard of the “hair rules.”  I think they are mostly boys..but the baby could be a girl. I also see red hair..especially on the child with the very curly hair… who could also be a girl.
To Elmer back DL Antiques These photos are marked Elmer Westling..Elmer had no obviously Elmer knew these children.

Elmer’s sister Selma Mary married Frank Duball. They lived in South Dakota. They had a whole bunch of children..and the oldest five match the line up pretty well.

Napoleon (Polie) Paul Dubrall  Hair parted in the middle yet he looks boyish.
Marie Aileen Dubrall  Hair parted in the middle but looks girlish.
Francis Henry Dubrall born in 1909  Hair parted on the side (a boy) but with a feminine shirt..I believe it even has polka dots on it!  But if you have one older sister perhaps you would wear a hand me down shirt.
Vernice Elmer Dubrall born in 1911 It is hard to tell where this little ones hair is parted.
Blanche Louise Eleanor Dubrall  The baby.

It is totally speculation on my part that these are relatives of Elmers. Tomorrow I have a photo of Elmer’s sisters…possibly the mother to these children.

I would like to date this photo as being taken right around 1910-1915. ( After finding the Dubrall children I would say 1913) Keller was the photographer at Beresford, S.D.

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Update from Iggy:
1920 Census lists the children differently
Child Francis H Dubrall M 10y (1909)
Child Bernice [Vernice] E Dubrall M 8y (1911)
Child Blanch[e] E Dubrall F 5y (1915) 
Child Neplion [Napolean] P Dubrall M 3y6m (1917)
Child Lavern R Dubrall M 1y5m (1918)

I took my info from Genealogydotcom..the census is probably a more reliable source.  We would then move the date of the photo to 1918:)


  1. The US Census for 1920 gives us the "proper" birth orders and years - which doesn't invalidate your choice of most likely Elmer Westling's relations - just shuffles the names around. Also, Bereford is only 4 miles from Prairie, South Dakota - which further supports your speculation. :)

    United States Census, 1920 for Selma Dubrall
    Residence: [Prairie], Union, South Dakota
    Estimated Birth Year: 1889
    Age: 31
    Birthplace: Iowa
    Relationship to Head of Household: Wife
    Gender: Female
    Race: White
    Marital Status: Married
    Father's Birthplace: Sweden
    Mother's Birthplace: Sweden
    Household Gender Age
    Frank Dubrall M 47y
    Selma Dubrall F 31y
    Child Francis H Dubrall M 10y (1909)
    Child Bernice [Vernice] E Dubrall M 8y (1911)
    Child Blanch[e] E Dubrall F 5y (1915)
    Child Neplion [Napolean] P Dubrall M 3y6m (1917)
    Child Lavern R Dubrall M 1y5m (1918)
    --Edwin O Westling M 38y
    --Esther Westling F 28y

    Note about Edwin Westling:
    Census 1920: Listed as "hired man" (lived with Dubralls with wife Esther).

    This family largely packed up and moved to Los Angeles - Selma died in June 13, 1989 in Alhambra, CA.

  2. What a wonerful picture! I didn't know of the hair rules, but I believe the dress rule for infants and toddlers, util boys were potty trained or put into long pants, was front botton closure for boys and back button closure for girls.

  3. After about 1900 the "hair rule" is not as good of a gender indicator because folks got away from it. Just as fashion changed and eventually boys were dressed in pants, so went the hair style for children.

  4. Lovely post. My mother must never have heard of the hair rules either because she parted my hair down the wrong side. I ignored it for the first 50 years of my life but on my 50th birthday told the hairdresser to start cutting and parting it in a proper masculine fashion. Needless to say, it didn't work.

  5. These are the oldest of the Dubrall children. My grandmother had nine children, her name was Selma Westling Dubrall married to Frank Dubrall my dad Francis was the oldest.I would love to know how to get a copy of these pictures.

  6. Annette Contact me by email. My email is off to the on the words "view my complete profile" near the yellow flower and you will find my email. If I have your snail mail address I will mail you the photos. So happy to find relatives! :)

  7. I mailed this photo yesterday to Annette in California:)

  8. Hi. I am the great-granddaughter of Vernice Dubrall. Could I also get copies of these pictures as well

  9. Hi Darlene, If you email me I can email you the photos..I have sent the originals off to other relatives..sorry:) My email if off to the left, click near the yellow flower and you will get to my email.


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