Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Photo Number 466

Annie Banner DL

I purchased this photo in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota at the Antique Mall.  John is one of the only people there that has any old photos.  He recognizes me when I walk into the door.

This is a classic 1895 photo..the time of the huge sleeves…the “Leg o’ Mutton” sleeves.  The sleeves were very puffy, and the skirts of the dress were wide and full but the waist was tiny.

The photographer is Snyder of Kutztown, PA.

Annie Banner back Is this Annie Banner?  Or did the photo go to Annie Banner?  We may never know for sure.

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  1. It's hard for me to picture those "farmers" that live "up Kutztown way" dressing like this woman!

    Wow. What an outfit. She looks youngish to me - say 12-14?

    I think it would be reasonable to assume this is Annie Banner (born about 1880 or thereabouts).

  2. Those are some prodigious sleeves!

  3. They needed to do a horizontal shot just to get the sleeves to fit!

  4. Hello! Sorry this isn't related to the photo in this post, but I do have a photo that I'd like to give a home to, maybe someone's family would like to claim it. Here's a link to it (front and back is shown):

    Could I possibly snail mail it to you? I actually found it inside an old book while I was looking through used books at a local library. I probably should have purchased the book along with it. *sheepish* Do let me know what you think! My email is:

    girl.who.shall.remain.anonymous [AT] gmail [DOT] com

    Thank you!

  5. I can't quite make out the name on that postcard, Laura. Raplh Merrick Clemter? Ulmter?


  6. Poor girl - she looks like the dress is wearing Her, rather than the other way around - the sleeves are enormous :-) Jo

  7. Charles Wanner Snyder (April, 1852 - January, 1927) was married to Sallie A. Jackson (1858-1900). Charles Snyder was born, and later died of a "stroke of apoplexy", in Kutztown of a stroke.

    His obituary is in the Reading Eagle - Jan 31, 1927 edition, page 2 which states he "gave a greater portion of his time to photography starting in 1872" and continued with it up until about 1922.


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