Monday, August 30, 2010

Photo Number 298

Lots of women copyThis is obviously an exclusive group of women..  Sorority? ..some type of Club in an all girls school?? 
Lot of womens names
Here is the list of these names..just incase someone finds it while searching for a relative.
Mary Stewart, Lenore Bell, Mary Helen Cameron, Mona edited to Romona Pelto, Jane Olson, Gertie Legard, Maxine Lindstrom, Jane Hanson, Helen Graham, Janet Stearns, Jean Bradley (Treas), Pat Brandoer, Dorothy Bell, Miss Barney, Peg Jenson (Pres), Doris Hoover, Lorraine Krooks, Jean Mc Farlin, Ruth Fowig, Janice Peterson, Katie Wilcuts, Kay Ward, and Phil Marisset.
We don’t know Mona’s last name because this photo was probably hers..Miss Barney must have been an advisor of some sort. Mona was Ramona Pelto info from Judi! 
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Update From Iggy:
He found that Miss Grace Barney was a teacher at The University of Wisconsin Superior, she lived within blocks of the school.  He also found out that many of these ladies in this photo were living in Douglas County and born  1917-1920.  Were they all going to be teachers?  Possibly.
I have contacted The U of Wisconsin  Superior..their alumni association to see if they can confirm that it is a group of gals from their school..and if so I will return the photo to them.  We will see what happens :)  

Update from Iggy January 05, 2011 
Located a nephew of Lorraine Krooks..she is in the middle row..third from the right...she is 91 years old and her nephew will share the photo with her.

I hope to get this photo off in the mail to David today or tomorrow:)

This photo is Full Circle 33  on Tuesday October 11, 2011


  1. Goodness - Another rule to labeling photos is to put your own last name on them! LOL!

    What a crowd of well dressed young ladies. I wouldn't begin to know where to start trying to track some of these ladies down - I assume most of them got married - and their names changed.

    Any guess on the year? I'm thinking 1940-ish (maybe a little earlier?)

  2. Bravo to the person who labeled this photo. I find too many photos without a hint of who is in them. It was exciting to see one of the girls has my last name, but sadly, I don't know if we are related.

    I, too, think the photo was taken in the 40s.

  3. I hope you some of the relations of the women in this photo do get in touch with you. Looks promising with all of those names! It would be great to find out where this photo was taken and why.

  4. They look too old for a sorority. Junior League, maybe?

  5. I giggle a little out some of the girls poses...kinda that Beauty Queen look!

  6. What is wonderful is how style and time can make all the faces appear similar. Great photo.

  7. I think this is a sorority photo. It is reminiscent of the many many photos I sat for during my college years, lol. It's unfortunate that the names are not written in left-to-right fashion so it's not really possible to identify anyone except Miss Barney, since she's a bit older.


  8. Nokio - the names are written in order - The list of names has "=" marks at each row - the front row is last in the list. Miss Barney is the 4th from the left in the "second row" of names (the rows were listed back to front).

  9. Here are some possible leads:

    Birth Date: 02 Nov 1924
    Death Date: 21 Sep 2000
    Residence at Death: HOPKINS, HENNEPIN, MN 55305

    Mary Helen Cameron
    Birth: 7 Jul 1918 in Kansas City, MO
    Death: 18 Nov 1971 in Hamilton, Steuben Co., IN
    Father: Donald Franklin CAMERON b: 10 Apr 1889 in Hamilton, Steuben Co., IN
    Mother: Mary Emily LANDON b: 26 Jul 1892 in Burton Twp., Adams Co., IL
    Marriage 1 Gilbert BRAMLEY
    Married: 1942 in Colorado Springs, CO

    BELL, LENORE J 15 Sep 1926 Aug 1994 67 55044 (Lakeville, Dakota, MN)

    Name: Lorraine Arlette Ballingrud KROOKS
    Sex: F
    Birth: 27 Mar 1922 in Thief River Falls, MN
    Father: Martin Hanson BALLANGRUD b: 2 Jan 1872 in Oslo, Norway
    Mother: Nora Bjerke BALLANGRUD b: 15 May 1883 in Twin Valley, MN

    HOOVER, DORIS M 14 Sep 1925 30 May 2004 78 52722 (Bettendorf, Scott, IA) Minnesota

    Name: Janice Peterson (Living, married name: BROKHOFF, Vero Beach, FL)
    Birth: abt 1919
    Residence: 1920 - city, Hennepin, Minnesota

  10. This has to be a photo of Lambda Sigma Lambda Sorority in 1940-41. Miss Grace Barney was the advisor of the group. We do not have yearbook photos or records from that time but most of the women identified are on our membership list. We will celebrate our 100th anniversary in Superior in 2014. This photo is priceless!!

    1. Hi Judith, I mailed a copy of this photo to the alumni association. I will make a copy and mail it to you if you like. Contact me by clicking near the yellow flower on the left of the blog page to get my email address. Thanks! Connie


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