Thursday, August 12, 2010

Photo Number 280

Lincoln nebraska area

Two young men showing off their ponies.  I see a chicken coop in the background on the left, but I am not sure what the building on the right may be a grainery with an attached equipment shed/lean to. This photo was developed in a photo shop in Lincoln, Nebraska so I am guessing it is a farm in that area probably during the 1920-1930’s.

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  1. I can see a hoist on the side of the "barn" for lifting things up to the "attic" - I've no idea what the contraption on the ground in front of it is that looks like a 6 room bird house.

    Such cute little ponies!

  2. By any chance was it O'Neill, NE? My mother sent her film there up until the mid-60's. I have a lot of school photos stamped with O'Neill, NE

  3. Nancy, On the back it is stamped Van Doran Photo Shop 1406 O Street, Lincoln, Nebr in Purple Ink. :)


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