Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Photo Number 279

Cattle and Man and Dog
A farmer with his cattle and his cattle dog. These might be beef cattle, they certainly are not Purebred Herefords.  I bet you all are relieved that I am finally past the grain harvest photos!   I have about another week of farm photos and then we will go onto something else.  Iggy commented that there has been very little in the backgrounds of these photos, that holds true for many of the prairie areas of Minnesota and North Dakota..there are only trees near the farmsteads.  This farm has a small hill where the horse is grazing…and a pond for a watering hole. 
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  1. Oh I wasn't complaining. :) I'm from Megalopolis east coast USA - and there is hardly an empty field to be seen - so the vast spaces in some of these pictures makes me want to move!

    I love how the two cows at the man's shoulders are eyeing the dog enviously... They want an head scritch and ear noogie too!!

    Lucky dog!

  2. It is the flat plains of somewhere. My mom's side of the family went to the Dakotas first and they just couldn't farm there. I like that classic look of the farmer reaching down to his dog while he is having his photo taken.

  3. At that time, most cows were dual purpose. Probably Shorthorn cross. Good for some milk with cream and also meat. Dad said everyone milked every cow they owned. Some just didn't give much milk!

    Someday when I get real old, I am going to wear a hat like that! My son, the priest and the carpenter son both wear them.

  4. Having grown up in Southern California during the later half of its over development, I dearly miss the long stretches of farmland. These pictures remind me of the dairy land just 50 miles away that is now housing and mini malls. Supposedly during the summer it still reeks of manure and pasture out there. It's very sad. Amazingly, agriculture is still about 50% of California's business!

  5. It's surprising how much land like this still exists with these vistas. I was just talking to someone the other night and said that I don't think I could stand living somewhere flat and not near an ocean. I'd get a little twitchy. I visit these places and think how beautiful they are, but then remember that off in the horizon somewhere are mountains and oceans and I just have to get back to them.

    Very nice photo.

  6. I live in southwestern North Dakota and this looks alot like old photos from around here. I also have photos from southeastern Montana where my great grandparents homesteaded that are very much the same. I love living here, where there is miles and miles of miles and miles! Mountains and trees are moderation!! I love these old farm photos of yours. Would be so cool if someone did have info about them!


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