Friday, August 27, 2010

Photo Number 295

cc BVA Mother and Child

This is a cabinet card that I purchased from an Antique Shop over by Hackensack, Minnesota (Bonnie View Antiques).   The photographer was WH Culver,  he began his career in photography in the Judith Mountains near Maiden, Montana. In 1888 he moved into Lewistown, Montana. 

I bought this photo because I like photo of Mothers and their children and this Mom has leather gloves on..I am not sure why..but she does.  This photo was most likely taken in 1890 to 1900.

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  1. How unique! Those gloves must have really been special to her. Beautiful mom and child photo. Have a good weekend and hope your mouth is feeling better each day from the dental work.

  2. What a captivating picture. She appears to be sitting on a pretty fancy wicker chair. I first thought glove - as in riding a horse type glove? but then I thought, hmm.. maybe covering up an injured or (birth-defect) hand. If so, its ashame as it is distracting as well made as it appears to be.

    Can anyone say what sort of glove this is? Also, her hair is pinned up, is this a "fashionable" way to way it, or was this a practical "I've been out riding my horse" way to wear it?

  3. Concerning the glove, this looks to me like a pretty sturdy glove. Fashion gloves would have been kid or cotton, very delicate. I wondered too if it was covering something she wanted to hide, like an injury.

    Her hair is fairly standard to me. All women dressed their hair, and having a child I know it is better to give them less to tug on, lol. Her dress is definitely not an equestrian-friendly one, nor would she be out riding with her baby. It's kind of a strange photo after all thought I've put into it. :-)



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