Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Photo Number 292

This is the last of the Newcombe or Newcomb brothers.  Meet Ed and his wife.
The handwriting is the same as with the other photos .. Mother's Bro.
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I have stopped using Windows Live Writer..although it is a nice program, the inability to click on a photo to enlarge it was something I missed..and so did my husband..and Nancy was nice enough to leave me a comment..so for now we will enjoy the ability to zoom in on a photo once again:)

Update: Thank you  Iggy..he can find great info! 
This is possibly Edwin and Edna (Wood) Newcomb..the e at the end of the name has been dropped.

 If it is them, they had children and I have a photo of two of the oldest children tomorrow.  There seems to be relatives that are alive ..so I will attempt to find phone numbers.  I will keep you updated!  

Update: This morning I located one of this couple's Grandchildren..George..I left him a message..hopefully he will return my call. 


  1. :) My goodness - Uncle Ed looks like a real character! I love that smirky grin!

    Can't wait to see the next pictures!

  2. If you're not using Love Writer, what are you using?

  3. In Live Writer - to get a "click on to biggify" photograph (so technical aren't I?), when you add the photograph (or click on it later), on the right tool bar (at least for me) there is a "Link to" pulldown - this should say "Source". Click the "Options" button in the Size pulldown, select medium or large (as suits you). On the toolbar, under the advanced tab, you can select the initial, shown size of the photograph.


  4. Thank you for allowing me to see details again. You are a sweetie!

  5. Mrs. Norma Gayle Newcomb Ringer, age 87, of Davidson, died Tuesday April 3, 2007. Born November 27, 1919, in Eagle Grove, Iowa, she was a daughter of the late Edwin Newcomb and Edna Wood Newcomb. She was preceeded in death by her brother, Monroe Newcomb.

    Survivers include brother, Donald Newcomb of Eagle Grove, Iowa; sister, Dorothy Helgevold of Huntington Beach, Ca.; 11 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren.

  6. Maybelline, I just compose in blogger. But I really like Live Writer.
    Nancy, I am going to try Iggys suggestion with Live Writer tomorrow! You can report back to me how it works for you!
    Iggy thanks for the info on Norma. I am thinking I have a photo of her and Monroe:)
    I have contacted family and left them a message this morning.

  7. It sounds much to difficult to set up a simple photo in Live Writer! I use Wordpress and all I do is set the image display properties when I insert the image into the post. Then it will display the full size image when clicked on. It sounds like the basic Blogger editor does the same thing.

    PS Exciting news about the family!!


  8. I love being able to enlarge the photos again. Thanks! I also want to say thank you for allowing your images to be seen in feed readers. I watch so many blogs that a FR is a must for me, and a quick glance lets me know which blogs to visit for a better look. I tried visiting another photo site you mentioned a while back but she doesn't let her photos be seen in the FR and I ended up dropping her from the list. It sounds small but when you have a lot of interests and little time it becomes important to you. So once again, thank you!

  9. Intense Guy: Thanks for the quick lesson. Terrific!


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