Saturday, August 28, 2010

Photo Number 296

Colter Studio Lewistown Montana Bva copy

This is another Lewistown, Montana photo.   This is a Real Photo Postcard. This one is from Coulter Studio, I believe he was in partnership with yesterdays photographer WH Culver in Lewistown.

colter Studio lewistown Montana two It is an Azo card, with triangles pointing up, so that means it is from 1904 to 1918.  As far as the Rona, Washington and Meerquette ..I have no idea if it is even connected to this photo.  I suppose Rona could be a last name..Rona or any rate it is a beautiful child.  I am thinking that this is a little boy..his hair is parted on the right.

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  1. He is a beautiful child; looks a little shy.

  2. Sounds like a street address like

    S Washington Ave & Marquette Ave, Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota 55401

    maybe in montana?


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