Saturday, August 7, 2010

Photo Number 275

These men may be part of a threshing crew, there are shocks of grain in the background. It looks to me like they used teams of horses, and both the men and the horses are taking a break.

My Mother used to cook and bake for days before the Threshing crew would show up. I remember the excitement of the crew pulling into the yard, it was going to be a busy day, with a huge meal at noon, with all kind of wonderful pies and cakes for desert.  As a child with a sweet tooth..I enjoyed those days.  In our area of Minnesota the neighbors would get together and thrash grain as a group going from farm to farm until it was all done.
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  1. A couple weekends past, we went to the Houston Hoedown and Jerry was explaining some tools to me used in haying, I posted a couple photos on my blog. This photo of threshing reminds me of that. But gee, they do look almost dressed up to go to work! Any idea what year this is? Or where? Might just have been some of my husband's relatives too here in so'eastern MN. :)

  2. Looks like "Threshing Day" was on the cool side - with the hats and jackets on.


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