Monday, August 2, 2010

Photo Number 270

This is Emil and his team.  A good team of work horses was very important to a farmer.  I think this photo was probably taken in the 1940's sometime.

 My grandfather kept his team of  "work" horses well into the 1950's, they were his best friends, he took care of them before he took care of himself at the end of a hard day of work in the fields.
I happened upon some horse and some farming photos..since I was raised on a farm in Minnesota..these photographs are all very interesting to we will have a week or so of these old photos.
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  1. From the siding on the barn, I think you are right about the date.

    Like Emil, my dad wore bibs with the legs rolled into cuffs, too.

  2. That's quite a jaunty hat Emil has on. :)

    A week of horse and farm pictures? Cool beans!

  3. I love seeing these photos. Great grandpa farmed and had work horses but I was too young to remember him and there are no photos of him farming. I will enjoy your pics very much.

  4. Strange how the image on this one seems even older than on 269. Images love to play historical tricks.

  5. My great Granddad had oxen and mules. He ran a dairy farm and grew soybeans, alfalfa, and hay as well as raising chickens and hogs. I would love a week of farming pictures. Lots of great memories and stories from my dad.

  6. I love old farm photos. I look forward to the rest.

  7. Seeing as I still use work horse from time to time, you can't post too many of these! :-)


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