Saturday, August 21, 2010

Photo Number 289

This is the first in a series of photo that I will call “Mothers Brothers”. I got them all at an Antique Shop near Dorset, Minnesota.  There are six photos in this series. 
Most of these photos have been taken by a fellow by the name of Myklebust.  He came to Eagle Grove Iowa from Norway and established a photo studio.  He was adventurous and returned to Norway on photo expeditions where he would take photos of Norway’s residents and the scenery and sell them to people back in the USA.  He also was well known for making stereo photographic images.
Uncle Jess Newcombe
Anyway here is the photo, it is Jess Newcombe, “Mothers Bro”  In the 1920 Census I found that he was 33 and single and a farmer living in Wright County, Iowa.  He was born about 1887.
Uncle Jess
On side note,  yesterdays photo will be on it’s way to relatives on Monday!  You may want to check out yesterdays post to catch up.
I also received a comment from another relative of Alice Lomoe’s who was  featured in  Photo Number 172 and Full Circle Number Six.
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Update from Iggy:
He is Find A Grave Memorial# 125740984.

His sister, Ida Elizabeth Newcomb Wernet is Find A Grave Memorial# 132336171


  1. A handsome fellow and I look forward to more in this series. I am off to get the update on your other post. Have a good day Connie.

  2. It is amazing how these photos move from state to state. Eagle Grove, Iowa is a very small town but all the small towns had many doctors, lawyers and photographers.
    I am in amazement of the photo of the lady in your header with the dark dress and white wedding veil. Huh?

  3. I look at him and think of photos of Houdini. Perhaps it's the hair. Definite Houdini vibe going on.

  4. I can see the Houdini resemblence too! :)

  5. Hi! I was just going thru some of my husband's family pictures. Noticed some has the name Myklebust on them, so I googled Myklebust Eagle Grove, IA. and found your blog! Super! I have been trying to figure out who some of these people in his line are and it is getting quite frustrating :) If you happen upon any Schlader, Sadler or Thielen names from the area, I know they are related. I also noticed some (or all) of these photos that you had from Eagle Grove ended up in MN. Kind of funny as his family started out in Eagle Grove and Clarion Iowa and ended up in MN. Thanks for the little tidbit about Mr. Myklebust :) I think it is wonderful all the effort you put forth in trying to unite photos with family. Plus the helpers that look up info about the photos you post. I best get back to the task at hand. Hope I get a chance to spend more time looking over your blog posts. I'm in MN too, on "Da range" :)

  6. He is Find A Grave Memorial# 125740984.

    His sister, Ida Elizabeth Newcomb Wernet is Find A Grave Memorial# 132336171


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