Sunday, August 22, 2010

Photo Number 290

Today I have two photos of Homer Newcombe.  I would guess that only a year or two separate these photos.
Mothers Brother Homer two 
It has been pinned or nailed up somewhere for someone to gaze upon.  Myklebust  in Eagle Grove Iowa was the photographer. 
Mothers Brother Homer
Uncle Homer Newcomb
Here he is a few years later, he must have switched barbers..his hair is parted on the opposite side now.
Uncle Homer
According to the 1920 Census in Wright County, Iowa  Homer age 29 was living with his wife Silvia who was 19, his Mother, Mrs. Louise Newcombe who is 63 and widowed and his younger brother Frank who is the head of the household.
Homer was born May 24, 1890 and he died October 01, 1972 in Arizona.   So he lived to be eighty-two years old. Both of these photos were probably taken around 1910 to 1915.
He was Mothers Homer joins Jess from yesterday. Tomorrow we will add another Bro.
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Update: Thanks to Iggy we have the following info. 
1930: Homer and his brother Jess were both found in the 1930 Census in Wright County. 

Sylvia Newcomb was born February 09, 1907 and died December 01, 1974 at 67 years of age in Arizona.  


  1. Thank you for taking the time to add a story to these great images.

  2. As a Newbie, I am always searching online for articles that can help me. Thank you & Great to see some old Photos

  3. Fantastic photos and set up. We just love old photos as well, they really can tell a historical story , your blog is amazing. We are gathering all old photos of parents , grandparents and ancestors of past and are posting a tribute to them in our photography blog very soon !

  4. He (and Jess) were still in Wright, Iowa in the 1930 census too.

    There are a great many listings for living Newcombe's (with the trailing "e") in Muscatine, IA which is midway between Iowa City and Davenport. Wright, IA is a crossroads (even today) perhaps 80 miles due west of Mascatine.

    There is an 87 year old, Vernon Webster Newcombe, in Eagle Grove (which as they say, is in the middle of nowhere).

  5. SYLVIA NEWCOMB born February 9, 1907 Died December 1, 1974 67 years in Arizona

    Again.. no "e".

  6. He was a good looking young man.


  7. I was thinking..maybe he didnt change barbers, maybe they printed one of the pictures backwards!

  8. Melora, You could be right! I never thought of that:)


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