Thursday, August 26, 2010

Photo Number 294

Smokey Bear International Falls Mn
Today we have a scenery photo.  This is a statue that I had not seen before but I came home and Googled Smokey the Bear and Statue.  I got this photo in an Antique Shop. 
This is a 26 foot tall statue of Smokey Bear.  It is in International Falls, Minnesota ( way UP is across the border from Canada).  The statue was erected in 1953 as part of the Keep Minnesota Green Project in Koochiching County. 
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  1. Cool! I've been to the Boundary Water's area canoeing with the Boy Scouts. I didn't see Smokey Bear though.

    Here is an (old color photo) to give you an idea what 83 tons of bear at 23 feet tall looks like.

  2. Glad you use "Smokey THE Bear" rather than "Smokey Bear". The minor controversy gnaws at me. Thanks for sharing.

  3. We had a US Forest Service comic book when we were kids, all about how the fire fighters found the bear cub which became Smokey the Bear. I haven't thought about that in ages, but I read it so many times I can still clearly remember the different scenes.

  4. Great photo! I browsed thru one antique store today. I found a basket full of old photos much like the ones you feature. They were priced $7 each which I thought was too much. They were fun to look at and thanks to info you and your "detectives" have shared, I knew a lot more about them than I used to!


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