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Photo Number 288

Delaney Hubbard and menahaga
This is a photo that I purchased in an Antique Shop in Dorset, Minnesota.   Smith and Wilkins was the photo studio in Park Rapids, Minnesota.  They were in business from 1904 to 1906.  This town is just fourteen miles from where we live.  When I was growing up, people by the name of Wilkins had a feed store.
Jos. F. Delaney Jr. Nov. 26, 1906  Hubbard, Minn.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Delaney Menahga, Minn.
I did some research.  It led me to a local cemetery. 
Joseph F Delaney was the Hubbard County Auditor from 1907 to 1915.
b. 1879 d. 1931
His wife Mable( Mabel)  E Delaney b. 1893 d.1979
J.R. Delaney b. 1874 d. 1947
His wife was Doris b. 1877 d. 1930
I contacted two Delaney's in Park Rapids..they are from different Delaney's up north by Bemidji.  They think that these may be the Delaney's that have the Sports Shop in Park Rapids..I guess I will have to call them..or stop guess is that they no longer want these photos..which I find very sad.   I was talking to an Antique Dealer the other day, she said “Old Photos are usually of no value and no one wants to bother with them.”  We will see.
My best guess is that this is J.R. and Doris since they are listed as the Mr. and Mrs. on the back of the photo.  Mable ( Mabel)  was 14 years younger than Joseph..this lady does not look that much younger than the gentleman.  I am not sure what the occasion of the photo There are no flowers..but I believe he does have a ring on his finger.  He is dressed like a train conductor..or a ticket agent.
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Update:  The business in town is no longer owned by Delaney's but someone else..however they did give me a name of someone who is related to the Delaney's..a gal by the name of Carol, I spoke with her husband..she was at work..her husband has my phone number. 

In the meantime I found this info:
James Delaney was born in 1874 in Iowa. He served as county auditor from
January 1907 until January 1915. ( Conflicting info..was it Joe or James that was the Auditor? ) 
Joseph F. Delaney Sr. was born in 1848 in New York. His wife, Susan A.
Heacock, was born in 1848 in Ohio. Children: son James R. was born in 1874 in Iowa;
Henry E. was born in 1876 in Iowa; Joseph F. (junior) was born in 1879 or 1880 in Iowa,
and served as county auditor in 1913; and Clarence J. was born in 1881 or 1882 in Iowa;
Mark was born August 17, 1885, in Hubbard County. Joseph F. Delany was a miller who
moved to Hubbard Township in Minnesota in the spring of 1883. His son, James, also
was a miller. In 1883 Joe built a flour mill at the Hubbard dam site. On the first day the
machinery was to move into motion the earthen dam gave out and the mill above the
water wheel fell over in the river. The mill was rebuilt the following year. Delaney's
elevator had a capacity of 60,000 bushels of grain. In June 1885 Nelson Bement
enumerated them 73rd in Hubbard. Living with the the Delaneys in 1885 were W. S.
Steele, age 36, and Joseph Replogle, age 24. On June 18, 1895, E. R. Hinds enumerated
the family 51st in Hubbard Township.
Joseph F. Delaney Jr. was born July 6, 1879, in Adair, Iowa. He attended
Hubbard County schools and taught for three years in the county. He worked as a
bookkeeper for the Wilson Brothers Logging Company for four years, for the Pine Tree
Lumber Company for a year, and for the Delaney Milling Company for two years. Joe
was elected Hubbard County Auditor in 1906.

Update August 20, 9:30 PM :  I spoke with Carol T. this evening, yes these are her husbands relatives.  Joseph and Mabel were his Grandparents, J. R. and Doris would have been his Great Aunt and Great Uncle. He was adopted so he felt no need to research this part of his family.  Carol said she would like the photo to give to her daughter who was interested in family I will mail the photo off on Monday Morning:) 
 Iggy found out the Joseph F is Joseph Franklin.  Thanks Iggy! 


  1. Please follow up with this story.

  2. I just saw a stone at the cemetery of my grandmother and she was 12 years younger. I was never aware of the age difference. That's interesting how you found the family and you wonder which family auction put the in the antique store.

  3. No value? Honestly, what are people thinking? I'd say these photos are priceless!

  4. It would appear to me that Joseph F. was Joseph R.'s son. If you look further, please use Mabel and not Mable. :)

    I wonder what the F. and R. were... :)

    I think it might be easiest to find Mabel's obituary since its most reason - but I'll try looking.

  5. Name: James R Delaney
    Spouse: Dorris M
    Birth: abt 1874 - location
    Residence: 1920 - city, Wadena, Minnesota

    I'm thinking the R is Raymond. No proof yet.

  6. Do you think it's possible they were both county auditors?

    Also, my grandmother was about 12 or 15 years younger than my grandfather, and about 5 inches taller, lol. I have seen many 19th century spouses in which there is a large age difference and/or the woman is older than the man.

  7. Crickey, there is so much information to take in on this one! Looking forward to catching up on updates, I have a good feeling about this one!

  8. Always fun to read these updates and a joy when a younger family member wants the photo!

  9. Excellent work. Thanks for the update.

  10. Fantastic! Another lost photo is found. Woo hoo!



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