Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Photo Number 272

I showed this photo to my Dad.  He said "That is some rickety old hay wagon, nothing about that wagon is right."  I guess he was talking about the boards that should have been going horizontal.  When I bought this photo, the gentleman that had them was charging double for any photos of horses or cars..this one was a double, fifty cents instead of a quarter because of the horses be sure to look at it!
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  1. LOL - you paid 25 cents for some horse tail...

    Err.. that doesn't sound right.

    That wagon is a bit "hilter skilter". I don't think I'd be brave enough to stand on it.

  2. I disagree with your Dad. Lots of hay wagons in this country were made just like that one, with just uprights at the corners. That way the hay can spill over a little and you can get more on. Not necessarily rickety. Also, lumber cost more out here on the prairie where we are a long ways from trees, so you don't use any more than you have to.

  3. A quarter for the horse's tail: LOL!!! Good insight on the reasoning for this type of haywagon, JingleBob!

  4. Love it! Well worth the additional funds in my opinion, great photo.

  5. Yep that horse's tail is worth 25 cents! Life is funny. My mom's cremains burial was quick and easy but the funeral director told us there wouldn't be a tent. Then he called back and he was mistaken there would be a tent and the $350 was already paid for in the bill. I informed my brothers to all get their behinds under that tent and enjoy it. It is already paid for.
    The hay rack looks like the guy was using scrap wood and didn't have long boards available so did without them.


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