Thursday, August 5, 2010

Photo Number 273

Four guys on an old wooden wagon,  I wonder what they were doing..hauling rocks?  This does not look like Minnesota.  The trail looks just wide enough for the wagon.
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  1. I never noticed before - but the wagon has two different wheel sizes with the back ones being larger.

    They build wagons near me (the Amish in Lancaster county, PA) but other than the Conestoga wagon, I've never paid any attention to the varieties. This one is pretty unadorned.

    Its not a chuck wagon that's for sure!

    I think the type is called a "flatbed wagon" -

    And you might enjoy this picture I found here

  2. Maybe this photo was taken in North Dakota near Medora. It is pretty rugged in that area.

  3. It looks like a flatbed or buckboard to me. Uncomfortable ride, for sure! The rocks look like Arizona/Nevada to me, but could really be anywhere.

  4. This may be the best one yet. It does look like it's out West. So nice of them to have a white wheel for the white horse and a brown one for the dark horse ;)

  5. Larry and I tease John all the time about his fascination with ROCKS! When they travelled this spring, they sure took a lot of pics of rocks! I love this old picture Connie.


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