Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Photo Number 278

Man in hat shock of grain

Today we have a gentleman who probably came out from town or stopped by after a doings to pose for this picture in the grain field.  I am not sure how much working in the field this man does.  Short sleeves and tie and all.

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  1. I've seen pictures of men with coats and ties fishing on the banks of creeks and rivers - While he doesn't appear to as scruffy as the workers - he might of been "involved" in the harvest in some way. :)

    What I marvel at is how empty these pictures have been! No huge buildings, no visible roads, no hardly anything!

    This one you can see some electric poles along what might be a road (car or railroad).

  2. All in all, an unusual photo!

  3. I'd guess that he is the banker from town. Often they would go out and check on their investments.

  4. My Poppy was a "gentleman farmer" who ran dairy cows, and while they grew the feed for the cows, the kids did the hard labor by the 30s, and Poppy was the overseer. He generally wore pants and a normal shirt, but no tie.


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