Friday, March 11, 2011

Photo Number 475

Formato cabinet cardThis is a Cabinet Card. It is another foreign card, this one has notches.  I believe it may be from Italy.  Formato Gabinetto?  Images of family that were left overseas?  We will never know.  To me they look very poor and tired looking..and I wonder what happened to them. 

Formato two Fotografia  Luigi Mastrosanti   Casacalenda

Notched edges were popular in the United States from 1894 to 1900, I suppose we can assume that the same trend was popular in Europe.

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  1. "Formato Gabinetto" is Italian for "Cabinet size." :)

    Casacalenda is about 80 miles / 140 km across )north) the "Italian boot" from Naples and is near the Adriatic sea.

    There is an entry for a 34 year old, Luigi Mastrosanti that entered the USA through Ellis Island on October 31, 1894 coming from Naples, Italy, here -->

    I wonder if this was the "fotografo" (photographer)?

  2. They do look tired, but he photograph is fabulous.

  3. Intriguing photograph. I wonder what the little girl is holding in her left hand.

  4. She is certainly quite pregnant, which probably explains why she looks tired. ;) I think it is sweet how she is holding the child's hand and her other hand rests on her belly.

  5. It is a strange and interesting shot. Reminds me of some shots I've seen of Tom Thumb standing on a table. I've seen plenty of shots of children on boxes and chairs, but don't recall one like this on such a wobbly table.

  6. I think she looks like a grandmother - not pregnant! And the 'girl'? Looks like a boy.

  7. Where did you get this picture? I have similar pictures of my family from Casacalenda.

  8. Hi Rosinella, I bought this photo in an Antique Shop in Minnesota.:)


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