Friday, March 11, 2011

Photo Number 475

Formato cabinet cardThis is a Cabinet Card. It is another foreign card, this one has notches.  I believe it may be from Italy.  Formato Gabinetto?  Images of family that were left overseas?  We will never know.  To me they look very poor and tired looking..and I wonder what happened to them. 

Formato two Fotografia  Luigi Mastrosanti   Casacalenda

Notched edges were popular in the United States from 1894 to 1900, I suppose we can assume that the same trend was popular in Europe.

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  1. "Formato Gabinetto" is Italian for "Cabinet size." :)

    Casacalenda is about 80 miles / 140 km across )north) the "Italian boot" from Naples and is near the Adriatic sea.

    There is an entry for a 34 year old, Luigi Mastrosanti that entered the USA through Ellis Island on October 31, 1894 coming from Naples, Italy, here -->

    I wonder if this was the "fotografo" (photographer)?

  2. They do look tired, but he photograph is fabulous.

  3. Intriguing photograph. I wonder what the little girl is holding in her left hand.

  4. She is certainly quite pregnant, which probably explains why she looks tired. ;) I think it is sweet how she is holding the child's hand and her other hand rests on her belly.

  5. It is a strange and interesting shot. Reminds me of some shots I've seen of Tom Thumb standing on a table. I've seen plenty of shots of children on boxes and chairs, but don't recall one like this on such a wobbly table.

  6. I think she looks like a grandmother - not pregnant! And the 'girl'? Looks like a boy.

  7. Where did you get this picture? I have similar pictures of my family from Casacalenda.

  8. Hi Rosinella, I bought this photo in an Antique Shop in Minnesota.:)

  9. Formatto Gabinetto was a photo developing and finishing process popular in Italy in the 1800s and early 1900s. This was similar to the rising popularity of the Kodak process in the US. If you might recall, long before digital cameras, photo processing labs proudly stamped the edge and/or back of photos with the Kodak logo to signify the quality of the developing and finishing process. Formatto Gabinetto was the same in Italy.


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