Friday, January 31, 2014

Photo Number 1474

This may be our last clue for the California photos.The Tollmans
The Tallman’s July 1952
The Tollmans back
I have been shuffling theses old photos back and forth and forth and back trying to find more connections.  The above photo was with the others.
In a red leather photo books these were tucked inside with no identification.
Family maybe
I think that Clara Crozier and Anna St. Clair are in this photo with Mr and Mrs Tallman.(Sterling and Delores?)
Family maybe with Edna
Perhaps Edna St. Clair Walther joins the group.
Edna and her Mom maybe
Anna or Clara with Edna  ?? Maybe
Clara and Anna or vice a versa
Sister with boy
Clara or Anna and a boy
Girl with dog
A girl and a beautiful dog
Could these children be the Tallman children? Leon and Dianna?
  Yes, the above photo would have been taken 6 to 8 years after the 1952 photo.
The Tollmans
I will make one more round through the photos, maybe I have missed something.
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* I have more photos taken the same day a number of them with the girl and the dog.


  1. To put a time frame on the Clara and Anna sisters - Anna was considerably older.

    Anna St Clair (26 Dec 1884 - Sep 1974) In the photo of her with Edna - It looks like a restaruant, the sign at the left says "[]eshem at the [Or]gan. The sign over the door says something like "Revel Room"

    Clara Crozier (12 Mar 1891 - May 1971) I'm pretty sure that is her on right at "Mercedes Shop" Could this be a place like San Juan Capistrano?

    Sterling L. Tallman Jr. graduated from a Los Angeles area HS in 1964 and Sterling Tallman Sr.'s wife name was Dolores. That seems to fit - and if you look closely, they greatly resemble the family with Hank and Edna (Photo Number 1466).

    The beach photo is definitely a Los Angeles area one - likely Long Beach.

    1. Proof - positive. Sterling L. Tallman's middle name was Leon. He was from the area Anna St Clair lived and served in the Pacific during WWII.

    2. Okay we have a lead, maybe you can find these kids. Leon and Dianna??. The photo 1466 seems to suggest it is Delores and the mothers name is Dianna. But if you say it is so then it is.

      My bet Leon has children named Chris and Lori. I will pop the photos up tomorrow.

    3. One thing I have noticed is that whoever labelled the photos (Edna?) wasn't the most accurate or careful - you would think the President of a woman's club and state employee would be more careful with names? Especially the Soroptimist club ones... From what I can tell, Dianna might have actually been Deanna.

      I think I have a lead on Chris and Lori - sent you email.

  2. Random bits:

    Edna St Clair married Henry "Hank" Walther sometime shortly before Oct. 1950 at the age of about 41. She doesn't look "that old" in the early photos to me. However, she has aged a lot by the 1953-4 photos - her face is puffy and she looks unhealthy and/or unhappy. Personally, I think Henry "Hank" left her at this time - she married late - so I suspect there were no child (if there were, they would likely be in the later shots when her mother and aunt came to town).

  3. Strange to be on a sandy beach with all those derricks in the background!

    1. This reminds me of some of my family photos from somewhere in California, with derricks in the background--Iggy will remember what I'm talking about. Makes me wonder if this might be from around Santa Barbara or other coastline area with oil deposits. Of course, this would be from years ago, so everything now would appear vastly different...especially with the bans on drilling that have been in place until recently...

    2. I remember that image Jacqi - that is why I recognized it. shows how "insane" it was at Huntington Beach (which is just south of Long Beach).

  4. Iggy has sent me an address for the little boy Leon's son Chris. I will send him a copy of the blog and see what happens next.

    1. Wonderful! Iggy has certainly put in a lot of work on this series! :)

  5. I immediately said, "oh, that's Long Beach", when I saw the beach scene. I'm a Californian.

  6. I contacted Chris on Facebook this evening:) Now we wait


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