Saturday, February 1, 2014

Photo Number 1475

I think a few more days might be fruitful with the California Photos.

Remember the little boy in the photos yesterday. A Tallman boy..well his name was Sterling Leon..or Leon.

I believe he married this lovely lady (Anita). Who is holding their daughter Lori. The photo is marked Lori 8 months.

Lons wife and Lori

Here is Leon’s son


Cute little guy riding a trike.

Chris back

December 1971  2 years.

Chris is wearing one of the sweaters you sent a long time ago. You can see some of our property in this picture.  Leon built the storage shed in the left hand corner.

Chris  and Lori

 This one simply says 8 months    2 1/2 years

I will be sending off a copy of this blog post and yesterdays blog post to Chris in California.  Hopefully he can shed some light on some of the photos.  IF I hear back from him.

Thanks for stopping by.  Do come again.


  1. It is interesting that in the 1970s, there was a photo process that produced a large photo and a smaller one on one sheet, one was for the album and the other was wallet size. These are all the wallet sized one - so the "bigger" one might still be with family. :) shows a complete "photo sheet".

  2. I contacted Chris this evening on we wait:)

  3. Here's hoping...Facebook can sometimes be an "iffy" connection. I'm still waiting on some of my Facebook messages. Cold calling...not for the weak at heart :(


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