Thursday, January 23, 2014

Photo Number 1466

Edna St. Clair married Henry (Hank) Walther someplace along the line.  They visited/moved to California in 1952.Just arrove

Hank, Sterling, me ( Edna), Dianna and the children in front are Leon and Deloris

Just arrove June 8, 1952

Just arrove back

Henry and Edna

Henry (Hank) and Edna

Henry and Edna back

Most likely Henry and Edna

On the back of this she noted to look at the huge 4 o’clocks behind them.

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  1. Four O' Clocks? Does she mean shadows? T-storm clouds?

    I'm wondering just what the connection was between the Crozier and Barclay families. Time-permitting I will do some looking. :)

    1. 4 o'clocks are flowers that is the large plant behind them:)

  2. Not far from where Edna lived in Gardena, California is the "Crozier Machine Tools Company" founded in 1937 with an "Al Walther" listed as the office manager... Probably coincidence....

    1. Iggy, I'm thinking not! Edna Walther did live in Gardena. As far as I've been able to see, Edna's mother was Anna Crozier St. Clair, sister to Clara Crozier from Photo Number 1463 on Monday. The Al Walther you mentioned might be a distant relative, but he may have some idea about what happened to all these people...and may have an idea who might be interested in these pictures :)


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