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Photo Number 1472

Some more California Party Photos.  From what was written on some of them the party took place at a Day Care Center.  I think they are are dressed as babies or small children..or most of them are…and why was it held in a daycare? 

Photo 1472 A

Edna Whitlow

Edna Whitlow

Edna Whitlow back

Edna Whitlow – Book Store  + isn’t that a cute pose.  Look at her patched knees for effect only.

beulah edna and Ernastine

Beulah, Edna (Whitlow) and Earnestyne

beulah edna and Ernastine back

Photo 1472 B

Cecil Lusby

Cecil Lusby

Cecil Lusby back

Photo Number 1472 C

Margaret Marie and Edith

Margaret Herron,  Marie Katich  and Edith Ennis

Margaret Marie and Edith back

Margaret Herron – Owns Nursery (one of my farmers here in Gardena)

On a side note Edith Ennis was in the Soroptimist Group.

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  1. Miss Edna G. Whitlow

    Monday, November 25, 1957 TORRANCE PRESS

    Edna Whitlow, of the Harbor area YWCA board of directors and owner of Whitlow's, will review books that may be used for Christmas giving. The program, which is open to men and women, will feature both children's and adult books. Miss Whitlow is past president of Soroptomist Internaional of the harbor area, member of the harbor area board of directors of the YWCA, as well as carrying many other civic responsibiliities.

    She has lived in San Pedro 11 years and operated Whitlow's Book Store since 1948. Previous to coming to San Pedro she worked on a newspaper in Lexington, Kentucky and served as secretary-treasurer of the Housing Commission there.

  2. Cecyle L. Lusby (1 Oct 1898 - Jun 1982 in San Pedro, California) was a member of the Harbor District Soroptimists. Find A Grave Memorial# 71413572

  3. Soroptimists Will Install New Officer Panel June 21 [1957]

    Soroptimist International of Torrance and Gardena will install its new officers at a dinner meeting June 21 at
    7:30 p.m. at the Palms restaurant Mary Lemberger will assume the duties of president. To be installed with her
    are Helen Parrish, first vice president; Mary Pagac, second vice president; Helen Rodgers, corresponding secretary; Frances Dlmitri, recording secretary; Margaret Herron, treasurer; Edna B. Walther, director; and Margaret Neff, regional delegate. Muriel Morse of the Los Angeles will conduct the installation.

  4. Marie Lucille Katich (Find A Grave Memorial# 71406616) (05/20/1904 in Yugoslavia - 10/04/1968)

  5. Earnestyne W Mannatt nee White (6 Jan 1905 - 7 Jan 1984), the wife of Mark Roger Mannatt, was a school principal in San Pedro. Find A Grave Memorial# 71414567

    1. P.s., she was also in the Harbor-area Soroptimist club.

  6. And lastly:

    Beaulah Kendrick (c. 1900 in Arizona) was a "Comptometer Operator" (an adding machine) and the wife of Gordon F Kendrick.

    Soroptomists Return from Conference
    Aprile 20, 1950.

    Official delegates of Harbor Soroptomist Club to the southwestern regional Soroptomist confertnce are Mmes. Edith Smith Carragher, president, Lomlta; Hazel Belle Coombs, Harbor City; and Beatrice Hards of San Pedro.

    Visiting delegates were Mmes. Beulah Kendrick, Lenore Strum, Winona Ellis, Torrance and Catherine Lynch and Miss Edna

    The conference met this past weekend In the Biltmore hotel In Los Angeles. Soroptomists from Santa Ana and San Pedro
    assisted the Los Angeles group In acting as hostesses for the conference. Delegates came from California, Arizona, Nevada and
    New Mexico.

    Miss Elleen O'Brien, medical social worker from the Harbor general hospital, was guest speaker at the regular local weekly meeting of the Soroptomists recently. She gave a presentation of services at the hospital.

    At the meeting yesterday Elvln Funder was the speaker. Funder is auditor in charge of the harbor area of the California
    Department of Employment. He was introduced by Mrs. Winona Ellis, manager of the Torrance employment office. Mrs. Lenore Strum is chairman of the club's spring rummage sale.

  7. Party photographs are always so much fun. Especially when costumes are involved.


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