Thursday, January 30, 2014

Photo Number 1473

These are the last of the party photos from California.

1473 A.


Ann Xitco – Assistant Cashier of the Calif Bank

Ann back

Photo 1473 B.

Dr Tiva

Dr. Tiva

Dr Tiva back

Dr. Primitiva Demandante

Tiva we call her, and the sweetest + smartest one.  Born +r aised in Manila.  Graduated from College there + over here too.  She has only been a citizen 2 years.  The happiest day of her life.

Photo 1473 C.

Hazel Whedon

Hazel Whedon

Hazel Whedon back

The Dean of Women at Harbor Jr. College

1473 D

Ywca lady

?, Daisy, Gene Wilson

Ywca lady back

Don’t know the first one.

Daisy – Picture Woman

Gene Wilson – Mgr of YWCA.  Our friends when we were going to buy the lots.  She wasn’t dressed – she had another meeting to go to.  Not a good picture.

Thanks for stopping by.  Do come again.  Tomorrow we will take one last “stab” at finding a home for the Edith Walther photos .


  1. Ann V Dever nee Xitco (abt 1910 in Washington) In 1959 she is the head bookkeeper for the bank. Married John Dever on 18 Nov 1961. John Dever was born on March 23, 1904 and died on September 01, 1971.
    Daughter of Andrew and Winifred Xitco, lived in San Pedro.


    Dr. Primitiva Demandante (Jul. 23, 1912, Philippines - Jun. 6, 1971 in Los Angeles County), wife of Mauro Dacanay Asprin (1905 - 2003)
    Find A Grave Memorial# 71282566


    Hazel Whedon (22 Sep 1895 in Enterprise, Kansas - 21 May 1975 in Houston, Texas)
    Very interesting article on this woman's career is here:

  2. :) "Picture woman" was Daisy G. Gilmore. She was the proprietress of the A 1 Photo Service of San Pedro.
    Her husband, Hubert James Gilmore (1908 - 1958) was a professional photographer.

  3. Enhancing the photo to the best of my ability - I think the lady on the left's name tag says Anna Baker. There was a Mrs. Anna Baker living in San Pedro that worked as a bookkeeper for a Dr. Leonard R Thompson that would seem to fit.

  4. I thought of your blog today when I came to school. The elementary students line up in the high school hallway waiting for the buses to come, staying warm inside, to take them to the neighboring elementary school. When the buses come, they all file out to the nearest bus with teachers. They were all dressed like old people today with sprayed gray hair, bonnets, and lots of canes in which they didn't know how to use. I looked at them funny at first then they smiled because I had noticed they were in costumer.Strange........

  5. Glad there's one more day. We've figured out a lot about Edna Walther and her friends, but still it doesn't seem like we've been able to connect her (and them) to anyone else who might be interested in the photographs. Hope tomorrow's photo provides the key!

  6. I hope 2014 proves to be a good year for you and yours.

  7. I sent an email to the Soroptimist Club in California.

  8. According to the book Filipinos in Carson and the South Bay, Dr. Primitiva Demandante was treasurer of the Filipino Community Center of Los Angeles Harbor Area at one time. The link to the Google Books page is below.

  9. Dr. Primitiva Demandante appeared on an episode of "You Bet Your Life". She was the first guest. It was a long-running quiz show hosted by Groucho Marx. Liberace also appeared in her episode. You can watch it on YouTube at the following link:

    Season 6, Episode 24
    Original Air Date: March 8, 1956


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