Saturday, January 25, 2014

Photo Number 1468

Maybe one more hint concerning the California photos.

Paul and Hank

Paul and Henry.  Just a thought could they be brothers?  Hairline and foreheads are similar..and height.

Paul and Hank back

Edna in her garden


Edna in her garden back


I wonder what Paul drove?

1950 Studebaker CommanderMaybe a Studebaker Commander from 1950?  It looks like it has a California License Plate.

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  1. How fun for me to see these pics. Mama had a sun suit just like this lady...she is holding brother Larry in the suit. Also, my childhood neighbor, Lillie, had a pink Studebaker!

  2. Those Studebaker's remind me of the days of Flash Gordon! LOL!

  3. Those two guys are starting to look very familiar. Yeah, I'd say they were related, but I sure can't make that notion stick in any genealogy databases :(

  4. Like Jacqi, I am unable to determine where Henry "Hank" Walther came from, what he did, or where he went.

    Paul "maybe Walther" and "Martha Wather"can't be found. Nor can Sterling, Diana, Leon, and Deloris.

  5. If you look closely at the cool car, I think you can see Edna smiling at the wheel.

  6. The same woman is in #1466 standing in front of four o'clocks and in #1468 picking vegetables.


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