Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Photo Number 1465

This is the last of the Ohio photos, there are still many California photos in this group.

Photo A.

Julie in Irvings boots

This is marked Julie in Uncle Irving’s boots.  Irving was a brother to Roy and Martha in the photos yesterday.  Julie is a niece.  I am not sure who her parents are? Julie Barclay is listed in her Grandfather Raymond’s obituary as being married to Brian Sarbaugh of Reynoldsburg Ohio.

Photo B.

Lady in Wheelchair

This lady in the wheelchair is an unknown.  I have included it just incase family shows up and recognizes the surroundings of the photo.  This could be Clara Crozier??  Or it might be someone else.

All of the Polaroids seem to be from the same person…who I think is probably Mary Rose Barclay.

Photo’s C

Susann and Irene

Irene and Susann August 1959

Susann and Irene Two

Susann at Irene’s Driveway.

A Ohio license plate on that vehicle.  I guess this could be California or Ohio either one, if only we knew Irene’s  last name we could figure that out.

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  1. I would assume that Susann was the dog. :)

    Irving R. Barclay is shown living in Ohio.

  2. What a darling picture of the young Julie! Somebody will want to get that picture back!


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