Friday, January 24, 2014

Photo Number 1467

These are more California photos.

Edna at Knotts Berry Farm

This is marked Knotts Berry Farm. I believe this is Edna.

Martha Walther

Martha Walther ( I believe this is Henry’s Mother)

Martha Walther back

Hank and the shed

Hank and the shed back

This is Hank with nails in his mouth fixing up the wood shed for the rabbit house. We’ll send you a picture later of the finished product.  Do you have one of the shack it was?

Some of these photo may be photos that Edna and Hank sent to his Mother Martha? or some other relative?

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  1. Cute rabbit house

  2. Henry "Hank" Walter has eluded my searches - and so does Martha. I cannot determine where they came from, nor how Edna "Eddie" met him. However... some fragments:

    Edna worked at the Farm Labor Board in Gardena and is mentioned in the Torrance newspapers looking for people that wanted to work seasonal harvests.

    This newspaper article shows some "ill waters":,1866549

    Edna was also a member and president of the local Soroptimist Club:

    In one reference to her - she was in Hawaii. Now... back in the late 1940's and 50's, Hawaii was not yet a state and therefore not in the Censuses. I suspect she and Henry "Hank" may have lived there - and that is why I can't "find him" in the Censuses. I found a "Alfred "Hank" Walther" JR(?) living on the big island (he recently passed away) - this might be ... Edna's son? Its not clear when Edna and Hank married. It seems they arrived in California in 1951-2 - but from where?

    "ALFRED "HANK" WALTHER, 58, of Hawaiian Paradise Park, died June 9, 2005. Born in Cleveland, Ohio. A self employed framer. A U.S. Army veteran." That would place his DOB as 1947 which is "possible". His being born in Ohio would seem to work also.

    But no proof of any of this....

    1. Remember the cake? The photo was of Eddie "Aloha" I have a few Hawaii Photos. I also have some what are possibly Soroptimist Club photos from a party.

      I am not sold on this Alfred "Hank" Walther being their son. There are so many photos..there would seem to be one of him. I do have a few photos of an older boy..he could be a nephew?

      Thanks Iggy.

    2. There is a photo of a Soroptimist Club party in one of the newspapers. I'll try to "re-find" it.

      I not sold on "Alfred" either - but he might be family of some sort.

  3. I remember seeing that old carved guy at Knott's Berry when I was a very young guy. I bet he is still there today.

    1. There is a postcard with this scene enlarged -- L D might enjoy it:


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