Sunday, January 12, 2014

Photo Number 1456

This is a photo from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Your nephew DL Antiques back

From your nephew

Albert Blumm / Blumn?

Your nephew DL Antiques back s

Best Regards to you all Tave and Ma sends their best regards to you all  would like to hear from you  Good By

The postcard is dated August 24 1907  Calumet Michigan   It was sent to Mr and Mrs Ben Blumm

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  1. Very distinguished!

  2. There was a Benjamin Blum listed in the 1910 city directory for Calumet, under the headings for saloons. There is also a 1910 census showing him and his wife, Bertha. Benjamin was born about 1863 in Russia, and the 1910 census reports his statement that he arrived in the US in 1881.

    There is a possibility that the couple was married in Chicago, so perhaps their nephew Albert sent his postcard from there?

  3. I'm stumped on this one - The name just doesn't seem to "resolve" into any one that fits - although Jacqi's guess would be as good as any.


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