Monday, January 20, 2014

Photo Number 1463

We will begin a new adventure and see if we can find a home for the photos from Katherine in California.  She was given the photos by a friend whose family came to an end.

I have separated the photos into groups and we will see if there are connections or not?

This first group are all Polaroid Land Camera Photos.

Crozier one

Crozier one back

Taken Fri Dec 5 1969

Notice the mouth and hands they tell us a lot we think.

Clara Crozier

There was a picture on the set but it didn’t show up.

Crozier one cemetery

Clara Crozier was born March 12, 1891 in Ohio and died May 17, 1971 in Zanesville Muskingun County Ohio

Her parents were John W. Crozier and Hulda E. Martin Crozier (1854 to 1952)

My thoughts: Someone in Ohio took these photos and mailed them to someone in California.

Here is one more Crozier clue.

Colene Crozier June 1966

This is Colene Crozier June 1966

Colene Crozier maybe Feb 1971

Possibly this is the same gal or her sister in February 1971.

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  1. I always enjoy seeing curtains, tv sets etc. in old photos.

  2. Clara appears to have been an only child and a maiden lady. Her father was on his own before the 1880 US census - so if there is a link to "California Crozier's" - it goes way back.

    Find A Grave Memorial# 91584349 is the mother's Find a Grave memorial - it has links to her parents, husband, and daughter.

  3. We have Crozier's in Granger, Iowa. I don't know them but know of the kids.

  4. Actually, Clara had a sister, Anna, who married Edward St. Clair, and had a daughter who moved to Gardena, California. The daughter's married name was Edna Walther.

    As far as the younger woman, whose graduation photo gave her name as Colene Crozier, she would have to be a descendant of Clara's father's line. He (John W. Crozier, d Mar 14, 1933 in Cumberland, OH), like his daughter Clara, had his obituary published in a Zanesville, Ohio, newspaper (which is accessible through two views per day for free, I believe). Unfortunately, though John's obit named his daughters, it did not name his parents or any siblings.

    If Katherine got these photos from a friend whose "family came to an end," I guess that means John's granddaughter Edna had no surviving children? We certainly will have constructed a sizable family tree for these folks, by the time we figure out who Colene was related to!

  5. Super! This will be fun watching unfold.


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