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Photo Number 1470

Perhaps some of Edna St. Clair Walther’s friends have the answers.

In 1956 Edna became a Past President of The Torrence/Gardena Chapter of the Soroptimist Club.  The ceremony was held in a Torrance Restaurant.  Margaret Neff was the incoming President.  Murial Morse from Los Angeles and Past President of Soroptimists International was the installing officer.

Soroptimists are a global volunteer organization working to improve the lives of women and girls through programs leading to social and economic empowerment.

June 1956 Soroptimists

Muriel Morse, me (Edna Walther), Winona (most likely Winona Ellis). Mary Pajac, Margaret (Most likely Margaret Neff)

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  1. Very interesting.

  2. Muriel M. Morse was a well-known woman.
    Last Residence: 91001 Altadena, Los Angeles, California, USA
    Born: 14 Mar 1914
    Died: Mar 1994

    Margaret Neff
    Birth: August 24, 1896
    Death: September 01, 1985
    Age: 89

    Winona Ellis, manager of the local California State Employment Service office. She may have been Edna's boss. The Ellis and Neff families were related (linked)
    Winona Gibson Ellis
    Birth Date: 23 Mar 1901 Nebraska
    Death Date: 19 Sep 1978 Los Angeles

    Mary Pajac was an interior decorator. There is an interesting article about her here:

    1. I guess 60+ years after the event it was rather much to hope for that any of these ladies would still be with us. Margaret had two daughters (both now deceased). Muriel had a couple sons - but I suspect it is unlikely they remember much of a "ladies club".

  3. I went back to look into Edna's aunt Clara. It seems maiden aunt Clara Crozier was a "housekeeper for private family(s)" - as such, perhaps she was the "Hazel of the Brady Bunch" to one (or more) of Barclay family. I suspect finding the Barclay photos a home will be more... fruitful.

  4. I will have a possible lead tomorrow. Maybe:(

    1. What about she the dead end? Did she divorce and never remarry? Or did she get married and disappear:(

    2. I don't know. There is a "gap" in the available on-line records for California.

      All California, Marriage Index, 1960-1985 is possibly too late.
      All California, Divorce Index, 1966-1984 shows Henry C and Madelene.
      The newspapers I've been looking at are not available after 1956.

    3. Henry C Walther divorced Helgard G Zlef in Los Angeles in Apr 1974. If this is the same Henry... he was a busy guy (and three time divorcee?)

  5. This is fascinating! I did not know that a women's empowerment organization like this existed in the 1950s. As Winona, Mary and Muriel all had seemingly successful careers in a world where many women quit their jobs before marriage, these women seem to have practiced what they preached.


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