Monday, January 20, 2014

Photo Number 1464

One snapshot and some Polaroids from Katherine in California.

Photo A.
Margaret Roy and Jimmy Barclay 1973
Margaret and Roy Barclay and Jimmy March 1, 1973  Centerville Ohio photo taken May 28th 1973
Margaret Roy and Jimmy Barclay 1975
Margaret, Roy and Jimmy Barclay  in 1975
Photo B.
Gene Martha Joe and Chuck Johnson 1975
Same house probably the same day in 1975 Gene,  Martha, Joe 7 yrs., Chuck 3 yrs.  Feb 2 1975  Johnsons.  Joe wanted to be sure he smiled for you.
Martha (Photo B) and Roy (Photo A) were sister and brother.
Photo C.
Punkin Cake
Punkin Cake back
Mary Rose Barclay (Barkley) took this photo for “Eddie”  Aloha.
This is a pumpkin cake made out of real pumpkin = so good for my homecoming.  She made a tiger cake which fell apart and we ate it in chunks –but  IT WAS GOOD  - no icing Return please They spoil me back there.

Hmmm…I bet Mary Rose is related to Roy Barclay and his wife Margaret and son Jimmy.  I bet Mary Rose also knows the Johnsons…not sure how they are connected/related but they are. Mary Rose was married to Raynond Barclay they had three sons and a daughter.  Joseph, Roy, Irving and Martha.  Martha is in photo B and Roy in in photo A. 
There are a few miscellaneous photos that are unidentified… An old woman in a wheelchair and a couple smiling for the camera.
Someones dogs
Two photos of these dogs…and some snow and maybe the same fence as in the next photo.
Photo D.
Camerons in Trukee ca
Georgia and Hugh Camaron Truckee, Calif
Eddie, I was puzzled by that name.  I believe it is a nickname for Edna.
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  1. Interesting photos. I love the snow!

  2. I like old Polaroid pictures. They bring back wonderful memories of taking pictures using a Polaroid camera when I was a child.

  3. This obit might be "your" Margaret. I'm not sure since the birthday would seem a little "early" - bit it seems to fit.

    1. This article fits really well -

      Note the date/year Margaret and Roy married.

    2. The Johnson's were related. Is the obit for Roy's father Raymond - his wife was Mary Rose. Martha Barclay Johnson was Roy's sister.

  4. Julie (Brian Sarbaugh)Barclay of Reynoldsburg I have a photo of this gal wearing Uncle Irvings boots.

  5. I know this blog will make it to a news article some day. You might find this article interesting.

  6. This is so weird, shifting from "old" photos to seeing these more recent shots. Almost deja vu, considering I've been to Truckee in California as well as Centerville in Ohio, and had family in Reynoldsburg. This one surely is destined to be a Full Circle report in no time!

  7. I found a reference to "Hugh and Georgia CamEron" (not CamAron) living in Truckee - whoever these people were...


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