Saturday, January 18, 2014

Photo Number 1462

This is a wintery snapshot from the antique shop in Royalton Minnesota.

Winter House Royalton John and Gladys

Winter House Royalton John and Gladys back

Gladys and John

It was taken in January 1942 or 1943.

I wonder how that car made it up the driveway?

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  1. I did not see the car til you mentioned it - I was looking at that beautiful landscape in the front yard.

  2. Probably had chains on it to get it up the driveway.

  3. I'd be more concerned about getting that car back down the driveway. My mother had a driveway like that, only longer, leading directly down to a busy, four lane street. A number of the streets cresting that hill also presented the same problem in the snow...crossing the road would mean continuing a downhill slide into the river =/

    Snow. Can you tell I don't enjoy it?!?!

  4. I wouldn't want to walk up or down the front steps!


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