Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Photo Number 1471

There was a party in California.  Many women were present.  I suspect that some of them were Soroptimists like Edna St. Clair Walther.

It was some kind of a costume party..I think.

Photo 1471 A.

Myrtle Klagas and Dr

Myrtle Klagas and Dr back

Myrtle ( Klagas) + Dr. Guidinger

Look at the freckels she painted on.  She is the one that said “I knew that Eddie would come like this” and just howled.  Va. (Dr. Virginia Tyler) + I crawled in like real babies.

Photo 1471 B

Virginia and eddie

I will guess that this is them with Eddie (Edna Walther) on the left and  Dr. Virginia Tyler on the right…I think. 

Photo 1471 C

Edna etc

Lenore Strumm,  Edna Clayson, Myrtle Klagas

Lenore edna and Myrtle Back

The back of the photo tells us that Lenore Strumm was a Manager at a dress shop S. A or is that an F for S.F.

Edna Clayson again

Myrtle Klagas Owned a Beauty Shop

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  1. Myrtle Klagas/Myrtle Blanch Klages nee Losh (28 Jan 1900 in Nebraska - 26 Apr 1986 in LA) was a Beauty Shop Operator. Married to Edward A Klages (13 Mar 1890 in Iowa - 23 Sep 1956 in LA) was a barber. They lived in San Pedro; Wilmington, California during the mid-1950s.

    Find A Grave Memorial# 71408299


    Dr. [Anna Bertha] Guidinger (I think it was her husband that was the Doctor).
    Find A Grave Memorial# 71403382 - husband - Find A Grave Memorial# 71403383
    http://www.usgennet.org/usa/ne/topic/resources/OLLibrary/neblets/CAHarborLA.htm (at bottom)


    Dr. Virginia Mar Tyler nee Hill (14 Aug 1910 - Mar. 27, 1977) was an orthodonist.
    She was one of the 335 passengers/crew killed on Pan Am Flight 1736 (of 583 total killed) at Tenerife (Spain). KLM Flight 4805 - a 747 collided with the Pan Am 747 on the runway.

    Find A Grave Memorial# 44766750

    1. Dr. Virginia Tyler's husband, Dr. Maurice Tyler was also killed in that horrible plane crash. He was a doctor for the Los Angeles School System.


  2. Lenore Elizabeth Strum(m) - Manager of a Ladies Sportsware shop according to the 1940 US Census. 1956 City directory shows the name as "Gladys Fowler Shoppe". Her husband Authur was an inspector in the petroleum business "Chas Martin and Co".
    http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=85945609 has pictures of her in her younger days.


    Edna Elizabeth Clayson (19 Apr 1910 in Nevada - 3 Apr 1993) was an optometrist. She also lived in San Pedro.

    1. I think the mystery letters after Leonore are S.P. (San Pedro).

  3. These ladies were party animals. Such a great gang.

  4. Wow, Iggy is on a roll here! Glad to see so many resources found...but...how sad to know this connection to that horrific 747 crash.


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